5 tips to overcome the end of holidays

Back from holidays?

Holiday blues affects 40% of the population, who experience tiredness, sadness, apathy or anxiety the first few days back from holidays. This happens because our organism needs a time of adaptation between our resting time and the return to work’s routine.

For these days of emotional “downs”, we bring you 5 tips to overcome post vacation blues.

5 tips to overcome holiday blues

1. Do not stay at home

Break the routine from home to work and work from home. Take advantage of the remaining hours of light to reduce the stress of obligations. Go out on the street for a walk, have some beers with friends, go to the cinema… or plan a trip for the weekend!

2. Revitalizing diet

In these days of tiredness and apathy, our body needs an extra supply of energy. Why don’t you choose a diet with plenty of minerals and vitamins? Fruits like oranges, figs, avocados or raspberries are full of antioxidants, and help you strengthen your body after holidays. 

dieta sana para estres postvacacional

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3. Regulate your dream

On vacation we sleep more and this alters our internal clock. Back to the routine, the best way to fight this situation is trying to sleep always the same amount of hours. This means go earlier to bed and have some rest. If you have problems sleeping, foods like bananas, almonds or chocolate, help our body to relax to improve the quality of our sleep.

4. Do some sport

When we do sport we release endorphins and serotonin, which put us in a good mood and help us to calm the pain and reduce anxiety. In addition, it is a perfect plan to get in shape after the summer excesses.

5. Be positive : the best thing you can do for holiday blues

We often say  “When everything goes wrong, just keep on smiling”.Looking at the bright side of getting back to work always helps to overcome the blues. Meeting up with our colleagues, speaking about what happened while we were out or even planning our next trip, there are a lot of ways to see the end of the holiday in a possitive way.

superar el estres postvacacional

And you? How do you overcome your holiday blues?