Detox plan : restore your balance

Summer is over and cold is back, our body needs a dose of vitamins to protect itself before the arrival of winter…

The stress and return to routine can make us more vulnerable to changes in temperature, so we need to strengthen our body, and there is no better way to do it than purifying it with a good detox plan

What’s a detox plan?

The detox programs intend to revitalize our body consuming only juices of fruits and vegetables for a short period of time (they usually last between one and three days).

These plans help in the process of cleaning toxins that our body performs naturally, eliminating the excesses of sugars, caffeine, processed foods and, in general, any food that consumes more energy than necessary.

Get ready for Detox!

To make the cleanse more effective it is recommended to prepare our body a few days before starting the plan. 

  • Between 1 and 5 days before the plan: eliminate all toxic foods like caffeine, sodas, alcohol, processed foods, refined sugar, meat, wheat or tobacco, and include in your diet more fruit and vegetables. It is very important drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, to hydrate your body.
  • During the detox plan: As explained above, these plans usually last from one to three days. It is very important during this period to drink a juice or a smoothie every 2 hours, including half a liter of water or green or white tea. Ideally, prepare 6 juices for each day of the plan.
  • The first three days after the detox plan: food should be introduced gradually, the first day fruits and vegetables (do not forget to drink 8 glasses of water!); the second the nuts and cereals without gluten; and from the third you can start including meats, fish and cereals with gluten, such as wheat.

Some recommendations

  • During the detox plan a light physical activity such as walking or a massage helps activate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Stress can be very negative for the elimination of toxins, so it is advisable to take a few days to disconnect, rest well and be calm.
  • To maintain these changes over time, it is advisable to make a detox plan at every change of season; that is, four times a year.

Get ready for winter! Try our detox plan!