Eat better with this healthy tips

Eat better, feel better!

Do you want to get in shape but do not know where to start? Getting a healthy routine is the best thing to live well, but if motivation is not with you, here are some simple tips to help you eat better without great efforts.

Leave some place for veggies

We all like a good piece of meat which melts on your mouth like it was a piece of heaven. However eating red meat every day is not the best for our body.

If we reduce the amount of red meat and we put some veggies, we can make a nice wok with a lot of vitamins and proteins.

comer sano sin morir en el intento

Also, if we change processed meats such as ham or sausages for vegetables like squash or eggplant, we will be satiated before and will be less fatty.

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High fiber side dishes

Potato chips, rice or pasta are often used as side dish to our meals, but they are very high in carbohydrates. Including other foods like garnish, such as brown rice, quinoa or cus cus, we will add more fiber to our meal without losing its flavor.

guarniciones saludables

Eating between meals? Why not?

Working hours can break our routine and sometimes we are hungry at the worst time. When we are away from home we tend to eat more processed foods like chips, cookies, candies … They are not so good for our health. For these moments there are some healthy alternatives and snacks, such as baked vegetable chips.

aperitivos saludables

And for breakfast or lunch?

Most of our favorite foods for breakfast like cereals, cookies or fruit yogurts have lots of sugars and fats. What if we make some changes?

  • Oat porridge with fruits have less sugar and are much more nutritious than ordinary cereals, and we can make it as we want.
  • Flavored yogurts are very good but do not contain a lot of fruits. If we choose a plain yogurt instead, and we add real fruits like bananas or blueberries, we will eat a much more fiber and also have more flavor.
  • Cupcakes, croissants and all industrial bakery contain many ingredients harmful to health. Why don’t you grab a good sandwich instead? It will give you the energy you need for your day and it has less sugar.
consejos para un desayuno saludable

Anímate y empieza a comer más equilibrado, ¡tu cuerpo te lo agradecerá!