Party hard? Cure your hangover with this tips

4 tips to cure your hangover

Friday night. After a week of hard work, the idea of ​​going out to have a drink with our friends, dancing and having fun seems to be the best thing to start the weekend on the good way. However, it is impossible not to suffer the odd hangover sometimes. What do you do when you feel like you’ve just been passed over by a truck? Take note..

1. Drink tonnes of water

Alcohol is a diuretic and its abuse can cause dehydration, which is why we get up with a drier than normal mouth. Drinking a few glasses of water before going to bed after a night of partying or alternating with alcoholic beverages that we consume during the night, will help to improve our day of hangover.

If it is too late, drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to recover faster, and forget the myth that drinking more alcohol will make you feel better, you will only delay the inevitable. Why not try a juice full of vitamins and nutrients?

2. Don’t forget to eat

Even if your stomach tells you otherwise, eating food during a hangover day helps your body feel better. The alcohol ingested during the night lowers our blood sugar level. That’s why experts recommend taking carbohydrates to reduce fatigue and feel less irritable. Indeed, according to a study by the University of Newcastle the best food for the hangover is a bacon sandwich, because of its high protein and carbohydrate content.

If you’re not a lot of bacon, eggs can be a good alternative because they have a lot of protein and cysteine, which helps reduce headache.

3. Keep calm and detox!

A warm bath, a massage at the temples or a nap allow our body to relax and rest while it recovers. The hot bath also helps us to sweat and eliminate toxins from our body. And, even if you do not feel too good, a little exercise will also make you sweat and put aside the effects of the party.

4. Ginger for your stomach

The hangover usually turns around the stomach and causes us a general malaise that is sometimes difficult to bear. One of the natural remedies to calm and settle your stomach is ginger root. In infusion or adding it to fruit juices, this superfood helps to fight nausea and the urge to vomit.

What you should never EVER do to cure hangover

  • Drink more alcohol: you will feel better for a while but after it will definitely much worse.
  • Having isotonic drinks: although alcohol with its diuretic properties makes us lose electrolytes, isotonic drinks have the same effect on the hangover as normal water
  • Trusting coffee to stay awake: studies show that although caffeine helps us wake up and be alert, it is a gastric stimulant (not recommended for a hangover) and can cause dehydration.
  • Use anti-inflammatories: ibuprofen, paracetamol, aspirin … all the medicines that recommend us for headaches. As the liver is busy assimilating all the alcohol that we have ingested, this type of medication can cause irreparable damage to this organ in the long term.